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A proactive and cost-effective managed IT Service

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Managed IT Services

ITWiser have been providing fully managed IT services across Yorkshire for many years. We're big on service but not so big on cost. Most of our clients are SMEs and they have found that by outsourcing their IT management to us they can make considerable savings on IT and network support and maintenance.

So what is Managed IT? Simply put, we manage your network, your server and your individual connected computers remotely from our offices near Bradford in West Yorkshire. 

Why is it better? It's better in a number of ways: substantial savings can be made over keeping an in-house technician or calling in a IT support company every time something goes wrong. But perhaps the most impressive reason to switch to ITWiser's remote managed IT services is our proactive network management. This means that we are (usually) the first to spot irregular behaviour or suspicious activities on your network. These take a variety of different formats: denial of service attacks, malware, Trojan Horse attacks, other viruses, and general server misconfiguration errors.

Our advanced server protection software catches these gremlins before they can damage your network: it's called Cloud Network Security. It's a bit like putting all your internet and server traffic through a sieve before it reaches your computers.
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