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Malware risks – a customer’s account

A customer’s account of a particularly nasty malware experience. Luckily our Cloud Web Security and Online Backup Service came to the rescue.

As the proud owner of a Mac, I, along with many other Apple users, was of the belief that the operating system on my computer was bullet proof and immune to the thousands of viruses that affect Windows PCs.

Apple has fixed any vulnerability over the years and made the Macintosh the virus-free machine that it is – or so I thought.

With Windows computers dominating desktop and laptop sales in the past two decades, that particular operating system has become an easy target for hackers looking to infect computers with malware and other nasty viruses. Macs, on the other hand, with a lesser percentage of the market have happily sat malware free. It is the lack of reported Mac-related malware cases over the years that helped me make the decision to not install any kind of anti-virus software on my desktop. Then, one day last year, it all went a bit pear-shaped.

Having gone online to install the Adobe Flash Player plugin, as Apple no longer ships the feature on its computers, I found myself a victim of a malware attack, which I later found out to be an advanced version of the Flashback Trojan. Running quietly in the background of my OS, the malware proceeded to steal information from me through the web browser and through Skype. My case was not a rare one either; in fact, some 600,000 were infected by unknowingly installing the software.

Luckily, I had my data backed-up through IT Wiser’s Cloud Online Backup service, so I was able to restore the computer back to its factory settings and rid my Mac of the malware. Having done this I proceeded to install Cloud Web Security, on my Mac and others used at the office of my graphic design business.

Cloud Web Security has ensured that my computer and those within the office are fully protected from the threat of malware and spyware. Computers are protected even when away from the network, so I can be assured that machines are blocking malicious content, even when I cannot see them.

The moral of the story here is that any computer can be affected by a virus; even the seemingly invincible Apple Mac.

My message is simple: Do not let malware catch you out, get Cloud Web Security today.


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