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I update my files regularly. Will these changes be backed up?

My Files Are Modified On A Regular Basis. Will These Changes Be Backed Up?

If you run a business then you will probably deal with a lot of sensitive and important information on a daily basis, be it invoices, customer details, or account information. Naturally, given the importance of such information, it makes sense that you have a disaster recovery plan in place; backing up all of your data so that it can be recovered at a moment’s notice should system failure ever strike.

When backing up data, it is not enough to upload a file to a server and forget about it. In the world of business, data becomes old very quickly and files must be constantly updated with relevant information.

Fortunately, with cloud online backup, your need to modify files is understood and any file changes that are made are kept up-to-date. After an initial backup has taken place, folders are scanned in real-time or at specific intervals to ensure that your most recent data is available for recovery instantly, via both PCs and Mac.


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