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I have a Mac. Do I need any security?


My business uses Mac computers. Do we really need security?

For computers using the Windows operating system, the need for web security is well known. Windows is the most widely used OS in the world and is, therefore, the easiest for cybercriminals to exploit – there are far more systems accessing the internet to target. Mac, on the other hand, has generally been regarded as a safe operating system, with fewer users meaning fewer known viruses. The general reputation that Apple’s OS has for being a safe place, as well as Mac offering excellent tools for designers and other creative types, has led to an increasing number of businesses adopting the OS. However, with more users comes more hackers, just looking for anyway to take advantage of unsuspecting internet users.

Having once proclaimed its operating system to be a machine that ‘doesn’t get PC viruses’, Apple has dropped this tagline as malware has become more of a problem. In fact, one of the biggest malware attacks in recent years affected Mac, when 700,000 Mac systems were hit by the Flashfake botnet in 2012. While Mac may still be safer than Windows, it is far from a virus-free zone, so cloud web security is a must.

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