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I’m worried about my employees internet safety.

I’m Worried about my Employees’ Internet Safety

As an employer, you have a duty to your employees to provide a safe working environment – physically and digitally.

The internet is vital tool in modern business applications and most employees will require access to it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, for everything good that the internet brings, danger is only ever a click away. Malicious, offensive, and explicit material is rife on the Web and employees can easily be exposed to it.

To maintain a safe working environment and protect your business, it is important that you shield staff from potentially threatening websites. This can be done using two key features of Cloud Web Security: URL content filtering and detailed user policies.

By restricting what users can and cannot access on the internet, these security features ensure employees are under no threat from malicious content and that computers are protected from viruses. In addition to workplace safety, both URL content filtering and detailed user policies can help greatly improve office productivity by allowing employees access to only work-related websites. 


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