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I am upgrading from Windows XP. Can I still backup online?

I am moving away from Windows XP; Can I use cloud online backup to save files?

On April 8, 2014, 12 years after its release, Microsoft ended support for its Windows XP operating system.

The company, along with its hardware and software partners, made the decision to invest its resources towards supporting more recent technologies and, as a result, technical assistance for Windows XP, including updates to help users protect their PCs, is no longer available.

Microsoft has warned users still using Windows XP that, while computers will continue to work, systems will be more vulnerable to viruses and security risks and is suggesting that people upgrade to a more recent version of Windows (Windows 7 or Windows 8).

If you are making the move away from Windows XP to an alternative OS then it is important that you have a backup plan in place so that you can assess all-important files and folders after the switch – Cloud Online Backup can help you do this. By backing up and storing all of your data on secure remote servers, Cloud Online Backup makes it possible to access and view files from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world, long after XP has gone. 

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