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Do I need to back up online?

I already back up my files on disc. Do I still need cloud online backup?

Anyone that uses a computer, be it personally or professionally, should have a plan in place to back up all documents and files. For many people, backing up data on a disc is the preferred solution. This is generally because discs are cheap and easily accessible.

While discs are a better solution than not backing up data at all, they are far from the best method of storing important data. Discs require a working CD/DVD drive in which to operate and, in the same way as computers, they are readily at risk of theft and natural disasters such as fire or flooding. For this reason, Cloud Online Backup is essential and can be used alongside your existing backup methods.

With all files saved on remote servers and encrypted using military grade 256 bit, Cloud Online Backup instantly rules out the possibility of files being lost or stolen. Moreover, because of the cloud, data can be accessed by you on any computer, from anywhere in the world.

Therefore, if you rely on computers to store any important files and documents, you should make Cloud Online Backup a feature of your disaster recovery plan.


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