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How secure is online backup?

How secure is cloud online backup?

When it comes do backing up sensitive data, security is naturally a concern. While backing up files to a disc or external hard drive offers great benefits in terms of accessibility and control, securing files is rather trickier, resulting in data often left unprotected. Fortunately, Cloud Online Backup is very secure and, unlike other backup methods, poses none of the potential security risks of data ending up in the wrong hands.

Cloud Online Backup uses advanced backup software to store data safely in data centres across the globe. The redundant backup of data to multiple locations safeguards your files and documents against hardware failures and natural disasters. Each of the data centres uses military grade 256-bit encryption to ensure your files are complete safe and secure. This level of military grade encryption is used by defence departments and governments around the world and can be accessed only by the client.

In addition to 256-bit encryption, Cloud Online Backup supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) transfers between your system and data centres. This eliminates the risk of documents and files being intercepted during the uploading and downloading processes.


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