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How important is IT security for my business?

How important is corporate IT security?

Corporate IT Security is one of the most important issues for any business wanting to protect their intellectual property and sensitive information from competitors and criminal organisations who are very active online.

You can never take it for granted that broadband providers give you secure access to the internet; in fact in many cases your internet provider will have opened up your office to anybody with the knowledge and determination to enter. An ethical hacking test is likely to reveal any weaknesses in your IT security very quickly.

You must also protect sensitive information from staff who do not have permission to access it. Internal security breaches are probably a bigger risk for most companies than those from the outside.
Unlike a physical break in, you may never know an intruder has been searching through your sensitive information until it is much too late. Your first indication that something has happened may be that your competitors seem to be anticipating your every move or your client’s bank accounts are being raided.

An audit of your corporate IT security will reveal any weaknesses you need to address and lock your sensitive information out of the reach of predators.


If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the security of your corporate IT network (or the data held by your company) you should contact a reputable IT Security Company today for free advice.


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