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How can I stop bandwidth being wasted?

How can I prevent bandwidth from being wasted?

As a business owner, wasted bandwidth is constant problem. One rogue user in the office streaming large files such as YouTube videos can have a massive impact on the rest of the staff trying to carry out their work. In recent years, bandwidth has become more affordable and more readily available; unfortunately, this means that it is often taken for granted, by employees in particular.

Studies show that a quarter of all bandwidth consumption in the workplace is because of employees misusing the internet. Through social networking, gaming, media streaming, and downloading, employees are unknowingly costing businesses a lot of money. So how can bandwidth wastage be prevented and misuse be separated from genuine tasks such as emailing and file sharing? Well, fortunately the answer is a simple one: Cloud Web Security.

By installing Cloud Web Security on your office networks, it is possible to take full control of bandwidth usage. Staff usage polices can be set up to limit internet and social network use, URL content can be filtered to prevent staff from accessing specific websites and restrictions can be enforced to determine what can and cannot be uploaded/downloaded. By implementing such practices, bandwidth waste will be instantly reduced and office productivity dramatically improved.


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