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External Security Audit

External Security Audit
Why do I need an External Security Audit?

Well known broadband providers have a habit of setting up business internet connections and web space without addressing the security. So you are happy to get fast internet access but don't realize that they have put you and your business at risk. We have seen instances of internal computers being given external IP addresses without any firewall protection exposing them to the elements of the internet. We have seen servers that have been compromised without the business owners knowing. In one case we even found an internet chat room and file storage system that was being hosted by a business that were completely unaware.

What is an External Security Audit?

Our comprehensive external security audit uses a variety of hacking tools to perform detailed penetration testing of your network and website. The results of this are then collated into a detailed report that you are left with to review any issues that have been found. If no issues are found, you will be sent a certificate to keep on file stating that you have undergone a professional security check and passed. Our testing process is often referred to as penetration testing or ethical hacking. Due to the speed at which new vulnerabilities are released we suggest companies get on our quarterly or annual testing plan to ensure they are kept secure.

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