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Google’s Waymo, have tested their driverless taxis in 72 different simulated crashes.

Waymo posted on their blog on 8th March 2021 saying that its AI system (Waymo Driver) clocked up over 6 million miles without any serious collisions.

Data from 72 fatal crashes were used for 91 simulations. WaymoDriver was used as both the driver causing the accidents and also the driver avoiding them. It appears that the software used managed to outperform the humans in each of these accidents.

“When we swapped in the Waymo Driver as the simulated initiator (52 simulations), it avoided every crash by consistent, competent driving, and obeying the rules of the road—yielding appropriately to traffic, executing proper gap selection, and observing traffic signals,” claimed a spokesperson from the company.

It’s official. Robots drive better than humans!