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Does online backup allow for multiple users?

Does cloud online backup allow for multiple users?

Cloud Online Backup has become a necessity for businesses these days and is a favoured backup solution for many companies as opposed to more traditional disaster recovery methods. Unlike disc and external hard-drive backup, though, Cloud Online Backup gives the advantage of allowing for multiple users.

Giving a number of different user’s authorisation to access and update files is beneficial for business operations. Cloud Online Backup allows files to be accessed and viewed online, and synchronized between both PC and Mac. Individuals with login credentials will be able to access files from anywhere in the world, with the option to create public links to files also available.

In addition to multiple users accessing files, Cloud Online Backup offers excellent benefits to businesses that rely upon multiple computer systems, each of which may require simultaneous backup. As a business grows and systems increase, Cloud Online Backup can be increased in line with storage requirements to ensure than critical data from all systems is protected. All multiple users and systems will be offered 256-bit military grade encryption when uploading and syncing files to safeguard against these files being intercepted and viewed without permission.


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