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How does cloud mail security work?

How does cloud mail security work?

As the use of email over the web has grown so rapidly, so has the degree of unsolicited mail (or spam). Many spam emails are sent with embedded viruses or probing capabilities, posing an increased risk to your business security. The risk of picking up a Trojan or perhaps even key-tracking programs has grown, as hackers and spammers continue to search for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in PC and network security. ITWiser’s Cloud Mail Security features include:-


Zero Hour Antivirus Protection

A highly sophisticated Anti Spam Engine

Both inbound and outbound spam filter controls

A quarantine zone for spam

Excellent protection against directory harvesting and vital Denial of Service Protection

Attachment file extension blocking facility

SPF controls

Configurable black and white lists for unsafe/ safe senders

All of this runs on our cloud-based server and is offered as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) with very affordable monthly subscriptions.

Simply put, ITWiser’s Cloud Mail Security allows you to carry on with your everyday business in the knowledge that you can keep working, even if your own mail server is down. This allows for excellent business continuity.

If you have any doubts about your mail security, just give us a call on 01274 868 924 and we’ll be happy to give you free advice and help. If you would prefer to email us, just send us your mail security enquiry and we’ll respond quickly.


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