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Do you provide email protection for businesses? (Leeds, Yorkshire)

Indeed we do and we’d recommend our excellent Cloud Mail Security software to all businesses looking to protect their networks and computers from the vast amount of malicious mail that is rife today.


Any company, and any computer, is vulnerable to attack from malware embedded in email. By the time it has reached your local anti-virus, it could be too late. Remember, most ‘local’ (that is – locally installed) anti-virus programs require constant updating, and to update they must be connected to the internet. There is always the risk that your local antivirus is lagging behind and that a new virus definition has not been updated. In that event, your computer would most likely be infected as the local anti-virus would not detect the malicious code.


The advantages, and there are many, of using a cloud-based mail security solution is that the malicious items are caught by the cloud server before they have chance to reach your local machine.


Our Cloud Email Security software includes Zero-Hour Virus Protection, a highly sophisticated anti spam engine, inbound and outbound spam filter controls, quarantine for suspected emails, directory harvest attack protectiondenial of service protection, and access to your emails if your own server is down or fails.


Read more about our Cloud Mail Security software and you will discover how powerful it is. If you’re not using it already, you should be.

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