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Can cloud web security block tracking cookies?

Can cloud web security block tracking cookies?

If your business relies on the internet for any of its operations, you may be familiar with cookies. A cookie is a plain text file that is located in a temporary folder on your computer system and stores data about a browsing session. If a website requires you to login, it will generally set a cookie to temporarily store the information needed to prevent you from logging in on every page that you visit on the site. These are commonly known as ‘first-party cookies’ and are harmless.

Tracking cookies are known as ‘third-party cookies’ and are not quite as harmless. Many people believe that tracking cookies are spyware as they are used mostly by advertising companies to track browsing behaviours. There is also the worry of third party cookies being used for malicious activity and, because of a general lack of browser cookie handling; some cookies are able to infect systems.

Fortunately, cloud web security has the ability to block tracking cookies and eliminate any possibility of a rogue program or unwanted advertising company monitoring your online behaviour. By blocking tracking cookies, a system is able to run smoother, with less clutter, and without the worry of cookies sneaking past the anti-malware software.


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