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Can cloud web security be used to limit social media network use?

Can cloud web security be used to limit social network usage?

The internet is a vital part of any modern business. Many companies offer online services and rely on the web to promote them. Staff often need to have an internet connection to carry out everything from bookkeeping to promotion; unfortunately, with internet use comes cyberslacking.

Cyberslacking is a term used to describe employees that spend time visiting websites that are not related to work, and social networking sites are the biggest offender. Most people now have Facebook accounts, and other social networks such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all growing rapidly. With employees already working on the web, the temptation to visit social networking sites can often be too much. While a quick look on Facebook is not likely to cause much harm, prolonged social network usage can limit bandwidth and harm productivity.

With cloud web security, it is possible to monitor and restrict employee internet usage, ensuring that staff are only able to visit websites permitted by you. Social networking sites can be restricted or even blocked during certain hours, which will directly impact positively on productivity. Staff that do need to use social media for brand promotion purposes can be allowed to do so with the creation of detailed individual or group policies.

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