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Can cloud online backup make backups of servers?

Can cloud online backup make backups of servers?

A lot is said about Cloud Online Backup services and how they are a more beneficial alternative to traditional hardware backup methods for storing computer files and folders. What is not as often discussed is how these services can be used to make backups of servers.

If you carry out any aspect of your business online, backing up servers is every bit as important as backing up data created and stored on your local disk. Say you run a website for instance, making regular backups of the server will ensure that downtime is minimal in the event of a disaster. Backups of social media sites will also be important to ensure that all sensitive user information posted is safe and secure.

Fortunately, Cloud Online Backup can make backups of servers and will guarantee all sensitive and important information is protected when doing so. All backups are carried out using secure military grade 256-bit encryption and, importantly for server data, scanned for changes either live or every 24-48 hours. All server backups will also be accessible from any computer – PC or Mac.


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