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Are the cloud and online backups insecure?

Is the Cloud Inherently Insecure?

Security concerns have long been one of the biggest hurdles to wide-scale cloud adoption. Among the largest companies that have yet to migrate to the cloud, the number one concern among IT staff is data security. Yet despite popular belief, the cloud is not inherently insecure. It is no more or less secure from any other network-based environment. Security comes down to the chosen vendor and the various hardware and software methods used by that vendor to protect customers.

When the proper security measures are in place, clients have little to worry about by way of cloud security. However, there is more to it than just doing your homework when first looking for a cloud service provider. Maintaining security means diligently keeping track of your cloud environment and the vendor who provides it. Things change among vendors. The one offering you the most secure environment today may not do so tomorrow.

To keep your cloud secure, choose a company such as ITWiser – a company that utilises cloud antivirus, web security, e-mail security, and online backups to provide maximum security and protection. We go to great lengths to protect their customers because we know they deserve nothing less.

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