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Is There a Difference between a Data Centre and a Collocation Centre?

You may have heard IT experts talk about data and collocation centres as though these are separate entities. They are indeed different. Understanding the differences between the two helps companies of all sizes determine how they will handle everything from company intranets to hosted applications. 

A data centre is an IT facility housing the equipment, software, and staff necessary to operate large computer networks. An international corporation may establish its own data centres capable of handling a company's needs exclusive of any outside help. Governments also establish their own data centres for the same reason. 

A collocation centre is a kind of data centre that makes the same equipment, software, and staff available to small and mid-sized companies on a rental basis. Working with a collocation provider gives smaller businesses the same power and security with no overhead and none of the hassles that come with maintaining hardware and infrastructure. 

It should be noted that security is always a concern whether a company establishes its own data centre or works with a collocation provider. IT Wiser is here to provide the security solutions you need for either kind of facility.

This answer was last updated on 16-Feb-2015 10:34 AM.