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What Makes Cloud-Based Web Security Different?

Local security solutions for individual computers and networks have been around for decades. Not until recently was cloud-based web security even part of the discussion. So, what makes it different from local security? It is all about location, location, location. 

Cloud-based web security maintains all of its software security tools on a central, dedicated server through which all traffic can be routed. For example, IT Wiser would set up a system to redirect all of your incoming and outgoing web traffic through our web security servers where it could be filtered and scrubbed. This enables all of your computers to enjoy the same amount of protection even when they are being used outside of your local network. Local security solutions are limited inasmuch as they are only effective within your local network. 

The other thing that makes cloud-based web security different is the hardware used. Because companies such as ours establish dedicated servers with a tremendous amount of bandwidth, we can provide optimal security without hindering the performance of your network. Cloud-based web security offers network owners the security they need with less hassle, fewer costs, and no loss of performance. It is the best of all worlds.

This answer was last updated on 16-Feb-2015 10:33 AM.