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Can Other Cloud Users on the Same Server Access My Data?

One of the main advantages of cloud computing is that it affords the possibility of assigning dedicated resources to different clients utilising space on the same server. In this sense, it is very different from shared web hosting and virtual private hosting. Customers utilising cloud services from their web hosting company need not worry about other customers accessing their data. 

In a shared hosting environment, it is fairly easy to find out who else is on your server simply by using an FTP programme to navigate upward through the file system hierarchy. The only thing that prevents you from accessing another company's data are the file permissions set by the web host administrator. Things are different in cloud. 

Although the cloud environment may allow multiple customers to share space on the same server, the server is divided up in such a way as to create private, protected environments for each customer. Environments are closed so that you cannot navigate outside your own environment. For all intents and purposes, your cloud has no idea that other clouds exist on the same server. Your data is protected because it cannot be seen.

This answer was last updated on 16-Jan-2015 10:03 AM.