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What is the ‘Cloud’?

Cloud services such as Cloud Web Security and Cloud Online Backup are becoming increasingly commonplace online and are being used by millions of people as a way to improve Web operations.

The ‘cloud’, or cloud computing, in the simplest terms, is a way to store and access programs over the internet rather than via your computer’s hard drive. The word ‘cloud’ is basically a metaphor for the internet and its lack of physical form.

The cloud does away with the need for local computing (programs stored and run on a hard drive) and offers much greater benefits in terms of accessing data and using software. By embracing the cloud, users can find all the information they need from any computer, anywhere in the world.

The cloud has no bounds and only requires the user to have access to the internet and a web browser.   

Email, online collaboration, file storage, web security, and document syncing can all be accomplished by using the cloud, allowing computing to take place 24 hours a day between friends and colleagues across the globe.

This answer was last updated on 15-Aug-2014 03:09 PM.