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What is a Datacentre?

A datacentre is a facility that is used to house computer systems and associated components and is a dedicated space where companies are able to store and operate the ICT infrastructure required for business support.

Datacentre’s are used to house servers and storage equipment that are used to process and store data, and run application software. Depending on the size of the operation, this set-up could be anything from a small rack of equipment housed within a cage to a room or building housing hundreds of cabinets.

A typical space will feature a raised floor, with cabling ducts carrying cables that feed power to cabinets running underneath the floor.

To ensure optimum performance and operating integrity, datacentre’s are controlled environments, with temperature and humidity controls employed. In addition to this, dedicated centres will include backup power, chillers, fire and water detection, and security controls to ensure equipment and data are protected.  

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