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Why Do I Need More Than One Backup Solution?

If you own a computer, whether it is used for personal use or within an enterprise environment, it is essential that you have a backup plan in place to protect your files and folders in the event of a disaster. Computers are prone to hardware and software issues that can affect how a system works, and the chances of something going wrong increases with age. In addition to problems with physical components, drivers, and installed software, internet-connect systems are open to the threats of the World Wide Web and the millions of new malware that is developed every year. In order to maintain the integrity of your files, it is recommended by experts that you have a minimum of two backup solutions in place.

One of these solutions should be a physical one – disc or external hard drive – the other should be Cloud Online Backup. Backing up files to a disc or external hard drive is something recommended by Microsoft on their Windows systems and a solution you probably already have in place. Using Cloud Online Backup is a relatively new solution that takes away the physical element and stores all files in a cloud for instant access from any web-enabled system. Using cloud storage not only safeguards against any sort of computer failure, it also ensures access to files in the event of damage or loss to storage hardware. 
This answer was last updated on 17-Mar-2014 05:05 PM.