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My Business uses Linux PCs; Do We Actually Need Antivirus Protection?

Linux is the third most popular operating system on the market and considered a virus and malware-free alternative to Windows and Mac. While it is true that Linux is much less susceptible to virus than either of its more widely adopted rivals, no operating system on earth can ever be 100% virus-free.

Because malware is built with the intention of causing mass destruction, Linux is rarely considered a prime target. The operating system is also very architecturally strong, giving it great immunity to some of the malware that affects Windows PCs. However, any computer that is connected to a network is always going to leave itself open to attack from viruses transmitted via email attachments, malicious URLs, and Rootkits, as well as from downloaded software and applications.  

If your business relies on the internet, regardless of operating system, the only way you can guarantee full protection from the viruses and malware that lurks on the Web is to install antivirus and antimalware protection in the form of Cloud Web Security. 
This answer was last updated on 17-Feb-2014 04:08 PM.