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What are Trojans and How Can I Avoid Them?

A Trojan virus (named after the mythological Greek tale of the Trojan Horse) is a type of malware that does not replicate itself.

Trojans are malicious programmes that are able to disguise themselves as something useful, only to then download and install malware on the computer system of the unsuspecting user. The unauthorised actions that a Trojan can perform include copying, deleting, blocking, and modifying data. Once allowed to infect a system, computer performance will be noticeably slower. Trojans come in many different varieties and are classified by experts in relation to the type of actions they can perform, such as stealing passwords (banker Trojans and key-loggers) and causing destruction (ransom Trojans). The most widespread virus of all is the backdoor Trojan, which gives cybercriminals remote control over a system.

The apparent legitimacy of Trojans make them notoriously hard to identify and, thus, hard to avoid. To ensure your computer systems and network remains Trojan-free, it is vital that you have Cloud Web Security installed. By employing powerful antivirus protection and comprehensive antispyware and antimalware, Cloud Web Security is able to ensure your system is protected against this potentially damaging virus.

This answer was last updated on 17-Feb-2014 04:07 PM.