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Why should I block all adverts?

For anyone not in the publishing industry, internet advertisements can be a real pain. If they are not expanding and blowing up in your face, they are automatically playing and causing a distraction. While the number of irritating pop-up ads has decreased somewhat in recent years, the clever use of flash ads and anchor text ads is still a common problem.

Besides the obvious reason of blocking ads to remove the distraction and irritation that they cause, there is a rather more serious reason for disabling them: malware. The number of instances being reported of adverts containing malware is on the rise, and cyber criminals are profiting from unsuspecting users clicking on ads by infecting systems and stealing personal information such as online banking login information. If your systems are connected to a network, just one person clicking on a malicious ad could result in the infection spreading to other computers.

If for nothing else but peace of mind, you should protect your systems and your staff by using Cloud Web Security to block adverts.

This answer was last updated on 16-Jan-2014 03:32 PM.