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What Is The Difference Between Cloud Backup And Cloud Storage?

Cloud backup and cloud storage are two terms that are often used interchangeably by Web users. It is because of this that many people assume that both represent the same thing – a place to store all of your files in a remote location so that they can be accessed and restored easily in the event of system failure.

While both cloud backup and cloud storage provide a similar function, when it comes to handling data they operate in very different ways.

Cloud backup is designed to allow you to copy your data to the cloud. It then employs technology that tracks files for changes and updates them automatically to the cloud. Cloud online backup software will carry out files checks regularly – generally every 24-48 hours.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, is basically like having a cloud-based hard-drive that stores items on a server until you remove them. This is a good long-term storage option, but any changes to files means that a revised version must be uploaded manually.

Due to the differences, cloud backup is seen as the best option for business users.
This answer was last updated on 16-Dec-2013 04:58 PM.