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What makes cloud web security better than desktop security?

Antivirus security is an essential component for any computer system that has access to the internet. PCs – particularly Windows machines (however, viruses are becoming an increasing problem on both Mac and Linux) – are prone to malicious content and viruses; things such as malware and spyware that is designed to disrupt and potentially render a system unusable, while at the same time stealing your private information and using it for criminal means. Usually, to prevent viruses targeting a system, businesses would use desktop security software, and such software is still widely used by enterprises today. In more recent years though, cloud web security has risen to prominence and is now seen as the ultimate antivirus protection solution for businesses.

Unlike desktop security, which installed via software (by disc or download) on individual systems, cloud web security can be used to protect multiple systems on and off the network. This is not just more convenient for businesses that use multiple computers; it ensures that all machines are protected without the worry of licensing preventing hard copy antivirus from being used on more than one computer. In addition to this, cloud web security offers the advantage of eliminating any threat at cloud level as opposed to only detecting a threat after it has made its way onto a system. In short, if you run a business that relies on more than one computer, cloud web security is the best protection solution.

This answer was last updated on 17-Sep-2013 10:10 AM.