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How will Anti-Phishing Benefit Me?

anti phishing software

As an internet-connected business, your computer systems are open to many dangers, one of which is phishing.

Phishing is a common problem online and targets many businesses. The most popular type of phishing scam is a viral email campaign that sends out messages to unsuspecting victims claiming to be from financial institutions. Believing the email to be from a genuine source (it’s very difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate bank email and a fraudulent one), a person will be convinced by the content of the message into clicking on a link related to their account and then tricked into entering personal information such as login credentials or credit card details. All of the information you hand over is then tracked, stolen, and used for malicious purposes.

Everything about a phishing campaign, from the browser to the URL, is identical to real websites and this makes emails incredibly dangerous.

By employing a comprehensive anti-phishing system, cloud web security is able to protect you and your employees from malicious emails by monitoring and updating sites that are known to be used for phishing. It’s incredibly important to be vigilant with your sensitive data online and anti-phishing should be regarded an essential element of any cloud web security service.

This answer was last updated on 01-Oct-2013 01:30 PM.