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Does cloud web security require the installation of software?

If your business relies on the use of internet-connected computers for operations, then some form of web security software is needed. Malware and other viruses are all too common and can affect any computer, not least Windows – the most widely used operating system in the world. Security software is designed to protect computer systems from the threat of these viruses, detecting and blocking them before they are allowed to infect a system, or removing them if required. 

Web security software is widely available and, while it is useful, one of the major problems is installation. If you are using multiple systems, carrying out numerous installations can be incredibly time consuming. It can also be expensive if multiple purchases are required. Cloud web security does away with the need for installations altogether. You can simply make your purchase and get started immediately, protecting all systems irrespective of whether they are on or off the network. No need to wait for software to arrive, no need for a technical installation team, your security is completely web-based, meaning minimum fuss and maximum protection.

This answer was last updated on 08-Aug-2013 02:16 PM.