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I am switching from a Windows PC to a Mac, can I synchronise my files?

Backing up important folders and files is essential for any business. Computers are prone to various errors such as viruses and hard-drive failure, as they are from threats from natural disasters like fire and flooding. Backing up your data will ensure that everything is kept safe in the event of such a disaster, allowing you to resume work quickly. One of the positive features of using an external hard-drive to back up data is that is can easily be connected to another Windows PC or Mac; however, hard-drives are open to the same failure and natural disaster threats as computers. Fortunately, cloud online backup offers the same benefit of being able to access files on any computer, without being at risk.

Cloud online backup is completely web-based. All of your data that is securely backed up is done so on global servers, which means it can be accessed on any computer – Windows, Linux, or Mac – from anywhere in the world. This means that, for example, if you make the decision to switch from Windows to Mac, you can do so without ever having to worry about your data.

This answer was last updated on 17-Jul-2013 12:38 PM.