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Can Cloud Online Backup Grow with my Business?

If your business relies on computers for any aspect of its operations, then it is important to have a backup plan in place. As a small business, backup demands are generally modest and within the capabilities of external hard-drives and discs; however, as your business grows, the amount of data that requires backup will increase in kind.

As the number of files and folders requiring back up expands, it becomes impractical to store everything on physical hardware, which requires storage space and is susceptible to disaster in the same way that computer systems are. Cloud Online Backup is a more comprehensive backup solution and one that can grow in line with your business. Small businesses require around 500 GB of storage space, while large companies will need several times that amount. Cloud Online Backup will provide companies will all the space needed in the early days of business and can be expanded as your business grows. This will give you peace of mind that, as your services and cliental grows, your sensitive data will always be protected.

This answer was last updated on 17-Jun-2013 10:57 AM.