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What problems does Cloud Web Security solve?

In business, there are many tangible risks associated with using the Web for everyday processes. The most common of these is malware – a stealthy and deceptive strain of computer virus that can disrupt operations, have a detrimental effect on productivity, and, in some cases, render systems unusable. Problems also arise from improper use of Web applications, potentially resulting in data loss and brand damage.

Cloud Web Security solves all of these problems.

Use of public Wi-Fi is increasing and more businesses moving towards bring-your-own-device (BYOD) operations including tablet PCs, have brought additional challenges to organisations, making Cloud Web Security top of the agenda in terms of protecting systems and safeguarding employees from sensitive content.

Cloud Web Security is able to secure computers whether they are on or off the network, and uses comprehensive antivirus and antiphishing software to ensure that malware and rogue content are prevented. 

The moderator is also able to control internet usage and configure policies that prevent staff from visiting potentially harmful websites and social media sites that affect productivity and limit bandwidth. Policies can be set up and monitored with real-time graphical reports, protecting your business from the modern day threats of the internet.

This answer was last updated on 16-May-2013 03:43 PM.