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How Can I Protect My Staff From Malicious Content?

Protecting staff from malicious content

Most businesses these days rely on the internet to carry out various aspects of their work. However, while the internet is essential in day-to-day operations, staff that are allowed to access web pages may be exposed to malicious content. Whether through social media or the visiting of unauthorised websites, malicious content is not hard to find on the internet. As an employer, you have a duty to protect your employees from offensive content and protect your machines from potential malware and viruses. Doing this requires Cloud Web Security.

Cloud Web Security works on a number of levels; first, it allows you to configure policies and monitor employee internet usage, overseeing what staff can and cannot do online. Secondly, it uses highly advanced antivirus protection and comprehensive antiphishing to ensure any viruses, malware, or spyware are unable to infect machines – whether they are on or away from the network. Finally, this security solution allows you to gather graphical reports and engage in real-time reporting/logging to guarantee user policies are effective.

Cloud Web Security allows you to block all malicious content and define a work policy for your employees, ensuring your business is fully protected 24/7.

This answer was last updated on 16-Apr-2013 12:15 PM.