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I've been hacked, what should I do?

Network Security Breaches on the Rise

Responding to security exploits - some advice from ITWiser

We're starting to see more of these questions coming through as businesses discover data security breaches. It seems that more businesses are becoming aware of security breaches and we think this is largely because companies are now running more internal and external security audits which reveal weaknesses in the network security.

In the event that you discover (or suspect) a data security breach, you should urgently take the advice of an IT security advisor. Time is of the essence in such cases and specialist help and advice is vital. Keep calm and call ITWiser!

Getting help with data security and IT network security

If you are concerned about your company's data security and vulnerability to attack, as yourself:-

Do you know who can access your confidential data?
Do you have sufficient security measures in place to identify unwanted access attempts?
How recently did you undertake a network security audit, or internal and external security audits?
Are your antivirus systems up-to-date and are they strong enough to prevent even the most determined Trojans getting through?
Are you using Cloud Mail Security protocol?
Is your website secure from hackers and external attack?
Have you considered moving to Cloud Office?
Is your data properly backed up using Cloud Online Backup, and if so when did you last run a full data back-up?

If you would like to learn more about how you can make your confidential data more secure, have a word with the IT security experts, ITWiser, on 01274 868924 and take control of your firm's IT security today.

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