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When did you last run a network security audit?

A network security audit should be carried out at regular intervals so you know that your company IT system and network are as secure as possible from cyber attack and other vulnerabilities. The actual frequency of the audits will depend largely on the following factors:-

the quantity and frequency of data stored on your IT network, and the perceived risk from external (or internal) attack.

Something as simple as a new software update could pose potential weaknesses and threats to your entire network, especially if you are running a network server. Only a few weeks ago, Java released a new update to their Java 7.0 version. This was found to contain a security loophole which could result in hackers accessing your entire PC or network. This is just one example of how an innocent software update can put your firm's entire network (and its data) at risk from cyber attack.

We all need to remember that while we work (or sleep) there, unfortunately, those who make it their job to find ways of hacking into our networks and files. Don't fall victim to cyber attacks - the consequences are disastrous - speak to ITWiser today for free, honest advice about how you can improve your network security. We are based in West Yorkshire but provide IT and network security advice and services throughout the UK. Call us on 01274 868924 for no obligation and impartial advice.

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