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How secure is my network?

ITWiser have recently published a blog article on cyber security which we believe you will find makes very interesting reading.

Concerns regarding general network security and cyber attacks are mounting as software updates are released which may contain weaknesses and vulnerabilities in security. When your installed software automatically updates to the latest version, how do you know that your PC or network is safe? A penetration test, known as ethical hacking testing, will reveal any weaknesses in your PC's (or network's) security and measures can be taken to eliminate such risks. ITWiser are IT security experts in Yorkshire and offer free advice on corporate IT security.  Call us today on 01274 868924 for free and friendly advice without obligation.

Cyber security measures you can take to prevent exploits. Can you afford to leave your IT security to chance? We don't think so.

This answer was last updated on 24-Apr-2014 01:17 PM.