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Reducing risks in network security

We have recently published a blog article on this topic. The article covers a number of IT security concerns and suggests solutions. ITWiser offer free advice to small and medium sized companies and businesses who have concerns about the security of their data, networks and systems. In most cases where we carry out an ethical hacking test, we reveal fairly alarming weaknesses and loopholes in the system and network security.

As IT security specialists, based near Leeds in West Yorkshire, we are often asked to look into companies' security policies and protocols. Rarely do we find a case where there are no opportunities for a hacker to exploit the infrastructure.

Network security (and data security too) should be reviewed regularly to prevent unwanted exploits. It is not uncommon to find weaknesses in everyday software that many of us install (quite trustingly) on our computers and networks. Little do we know that this software may have vulnerabilities which could allow a hacker to access your private data, or your clients' data.

For a network security assessment and for free impartial advice, why not speak to Yorkshire's IT Security Specialists?

This answer was last updated on 01-Oct-2012 06:07 PM.