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What is involved in an IT Security Audit?

An IT Security Audit is basically a thorough examination of all your internal and external network, connections in and out of your office and your website. We basically use a variety of sophisticated tools to imitate the actions of a hacker trying to get your sensitive information and uncover vulnerabilities in the process.

All issues found are then combined into a report with recommendations on how they can be addressed. As the strategies of hackers are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, so too are the strategies and tools we use to explore vulnerabilities.

The audit will cause no disruption to your day-to-day business activities, you will not notice anything different, just as you wouldn't if you were the victim of a real attack.

And if you pass our checks you will be given a certificate that states that you have passed a rigorous professional IT security check, something that will reassure your clients that you take their privacy very seriously.

If you have any concerns regarding the security of your IT network, ADSL infrastructure or any other aspect of your IT hardware, you should contact a reputable IT security company as soon as possible.

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This answer was last updated on 26-Sep-2012 05:22 PM.